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Motorcycle Rodeo -Barrel Racing-
September 23rd, 6PM 
Outdoor Rodeo Arena
400 E 100 S, Castle Dale, UT

Castle Dale, UT

Joes Valley Bouldering Festival is holding it's annual celebration in September, and has asked us to host a motorcycle rodeo. It will be on September 23rd at 6pm in the outdoor rodeo arena. Grab your dirt bike, and come race barrels in the outdoor arena at 6pm. Here is the basic layout, and the rules.

  • Free to race

  • Limited entry to the first 30 riders who sign up 

  • Classes:

    • 14 and younger. No limit on bike sizes​

    • Open class, 250cc and under

    • Open class, 250cc and larger

  • Each rider will have at least 3 timed runs through the barrels. If less contestants sign up, or if the event runs smoothly, we will allow for more runs.

  • No riding the bikes outside the arena. Stay in designated areas inside the arena that will be shown during the riders meeting.

  • Helmet, boots, pants, goggles are all required.

  • 18 and over must sign the electronic liability waiver during the registration.

  • Under 18 must have their parent/guardian sign the liability waiver during the registration.

  • Rider's meeting to be held inside the arena at 5:30pm. Meet on the West side of the arena, near the gates.


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